Reforesting degraded land and air seeding for improving hydrologic conditions


Promoting agro-ecologic, agro-forestry intercropping systems on cocoa farms, for income generation and equity

Community Development

Training farmers for improved agriculture practices, and institutionalizing sustainable natural resource management systems comunity development


Providing community cocoa fermentation and drying centers to raise quality and the value of cocoa produced


Who We Are

This project entitiled "Economic, Quality and Sustainability Improvement from Community Centered Cocoa Fermentation Stations, Diversified Agro-forestry and agribusiness Systems and Social Development Programs" (abbreviated EQSI) will be implemented as a consortium.
The consortium consist of three members who have signed a cooperation agreement MoU:

  • Kalla Foundation (Lead Partner), an indonesian Non Profit Organizatio, with head quarter in Makassar, South Sulawesi,  lead by  Hj.Fatimah Kalla, working in the area of community and social development, with main programs, village welfare improvement, education for the poor and environmental protection.
  • PT. Kalla Cocoa Industry, a national industry corporation with President Director Ahmad Zaky Amiruddin, domiciled at Jl. Ratulangi No. 8 Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia.; and
  • Institute of Economic Welfare Society (Lembaga Ekonomi Masyarakat Sejahtera), an NGO coordinated under Dinas Perkebunan, Sulawesi Tenggara, with Chairman  Ir. Bambang, MM, domiciled at Jl Mayjen Katamso No. 29 Kel. Baruga Kota Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia.


This project entitled “Economic, Quality and Sustainability Improvement from Community Centered Cocoa Fermentation Stations, Diversified Agro-forestry and Agribusiness Systems and Centered Social Development Programs” or abbreviated EQSI, is a collaboration project between MCA-I, Hj. Kalla Foundation, Kalla Kakao Industry and Institute of Economic Welfare Society/Lembaga Ekonomi Masyarakat Sejahtera (LEMS).

General goal of the project is reducing poverty through low-carbon growth to improve the livelihoods of rural communities in Indonesia, with an eco-friendly approach system.

  • Project Goal:
    To reduce poverty through low carbon economic growth that improves sustainable rural livelihood in the province of Southeast Sulawesi in particular, and in Indonesia in general.
  • Project Purpose:
    To reduce rural poverty by developing, promoting and institutionalizing equitable and sustainable community based agro-forestry, post harvest cocoa handling and natural resource management systems.
  • Project Aims:
    • To enhance and institutionalize community forestation and natural resource management activities for the sustainable benefit of the local people, economic and environment.
    • Promoting a sustainable technique based agroforestry as an alternative model of economic community activity and pest and disease control.
    • Eco-friendly training for integrated pest and disease management to improve the small holders’ farms and increased their farm management skill and knowledge.
    • To build capacity for on-farm cocoa fermentation and efficient bean drying methods
    • To improve stakeholders’ access to markets, financing, technical assistance, and inputs like fertilizer and seeds.
    • To increase the participation of women and mainstreaming gender for the project, which is introduced as the development model for the assisted villages to establish a fair and just equity shares and opportunity among the community groups.

EQSI Action

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Land Managed 17.500 Ha

Forest 7000 Ha & Farm 10.500 Ha


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